Firefox Containers Helper v0.0.14 is out now, as of 3/17/2021 - previously v0.0.10, released back in November 2020, a few awesome features have been added!

Check out the extension

View the extension here! You can also view the source code here on GitHub.

v0.0.14 Main popup

Thank you to the community

What makes this release of Firefox Containers Helper special is that it has received some awesome community engagement! I really never thought that it would gain enough attention or usage from people around the world for people to create GitHub issues, pull requests, and become supporters

New features added

  • Dark and Light mode - Bootstrap dark mode which respects your system theme preference
    • Note: On my Ubuntu system, changing Firefox’s theme wasn’t enough, I had to change my entire theme from a dark theme to a light theme to switch the preference
  • Select Mode - Allows you to precisely select only a couple results from the list by first enabling the mode and then pressing Ctrl+Click, or multiple by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Click
  • Configurable Keyboard Shortcut - Allows you to change the keyboard shortcut for showing the extension popup window, which is by default Alt+Shift+D. This fixes #4
  • Container Quick-Add - Allows you to quickly add a new container based on what you have typed into the filter text box. Defaults to a circle icon and the toolbar color

Multi-selection mode live example

Keyboard shortcuts are now configurable

Here’s a screenshot of the new options page for the keyboard shortcut configuration:

Keyboard shortcuts configuration

Changes straight from the changelog


  • fix #11, the indexing for multi-select was using the total number of containers instead of the filtered number of containers 😰
  • re-add “+” button for containers since it’s actually fine
  • added stern warning to the readme about NEVER disabling or deleting all of your container extensions in Firefox, or else they’ll get completely reset


  • dark mode and light mode added in #8
  • configurable keyboard shortcut added (see #4)
  • adds Select Mode, as requested by the project’s first supporter!
    • resolves #6
  • fix #9… no longer drops all casing to lowercase when using “replace in name” mode, sorry about that!
  • “replace in name” used to be case-insensitive, but I believe it’s better to have case-sensitive replacing
    • Please file an issue and talk with me if you disagree or believe there should be a better approach! Thank you! 🙂
  • added a small “Donate” link to my personal site with my personal avatar, I appreciate your support everyone 🙂
  • added a simple “+” button to quickly add a new container based on the user’s current input, this was requested here

Final note

I hope you enjoy the extension! It’s been steadily growing in popularity and I am happy to see people using it.