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Bob Haines

Bob Haines supported my work on the Firefox Containers Helper extension. I am honored and humbled that he took the time to make a contribution and a feature request, and as my first supporter, he will forever have my gratitude. Thank you Bob!

Bob contributed to my healthy eating and coding habits via Buy me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/charles.m.knox

Thank you for the firefox-containers-helper. Your module is helping me register older senior citizens for the COVID-19 vaccine. Would love it if you could add click then shift-click selection to the addon. Thanks again for the excellent module!

Bob also left an awesome review on the Firefox addons store:

Just discovered this excellent extension. Super helpful for managing large numbers of containers. I’ve found it extremely useful to help me book vaccine appointments for senior citizens. Thanks for this super useful module!

I checked with Bob to see if it was OK for me to share his contact information - if you want to reach out to him and say thank you for supporting the community, feel free!


Marissa sent me a healthy avocado 🥑 through Buy Me a Coffee. Her support is greatly appreciated - she’s an amazing person that supports me any time she can! She mentioned to me that she enjoys the Septaday iOS app and its lifestyle advice. Thank you SO much, Marissa!