Firefox Browser Addon Web Extension: Containers Helper

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View the extension here! You can also view the source code here on GitHub.

The rest of this article is a writeup on the extension itself - enjoy!


Before talking about my addon directly, first I wanted to explain the context behind why it was created in the first place.

As a privacy enthusiast, I often find myself configuring my browser to match my needs. With Firefox, the multi-account containers extension provides a unique feature that separates Firefox from the rest of the browsers - the ability to separate cookies and browsing contexts on a per-tab basis.

The multi-account containers addon is amazing! It allows you to willfully separate the different facets of your identity:

etc. - you hopefully can see the pattern now.


Unfortunately, one of the gaps of the multi-account containers extension is that its interface was intended for people with only a few containers - if you’re like me and you have well over 100 containers, the UI becomes very cumbersome, because it lacks features like:

  • filtering for a container
  • modifying multiple containers at once, according to filter criteria
  • deleting multiple containers at once
  • opening multiple containers at once, with configurable URLs

So, I went ahead and wrote an extension that could do all of these things, with a few extra added features.

To avoid duplication of content, check out the GitHub for this addon, which has a much more rich view into the extension, features, releases, screenshots, etc.


  • When duplicating an existing container, does it also duplicate cookies and other session information?
    • No, it creates a fresh container with only the same basic metadata as the original container, such as color/name/icon.


This container management extension is dangerously powerful. If you’re not careful, you can delete all of your containers by turning on “Delete Mode”, pressing shift+enter, and pressing “OK” to the prompts. At this time, the extension doesn’t support undoing operations or rolling back commands. You’ve been warned!


If you have suggestions, please feel free to voice them on GitHub. Thank you for using my extension and reading this far!


The addon comes packaged with Bootstrap, and includes a distribution of it in its source code. See the license here.