About me

My name is Charles Knox. I am a professional software developer, and have nearly a decade of industry software development and information technology experience. You can see my professional work history here, at resume.charlesmknox.com.


I write software that I hope people will use. I am always working on solutions that will make your life easier. You can see my portfolio here, as well as my apps here, and my GitHub here.


I enjoy writing about techie-focused topics, as well as things I learn as I pursue of a life of healthy living.

Physics degree

I also hold a degree in Physics, which I believe is one of the most fascinating areas of study, as well as the most difficult - I often find myself acknowledging that spending years on school to get a Physics degree will only teach you how much you don’t know.

Ironman triathlete

I’m an Ironman triathlon finisher and marathon runner. I love staying in shape and I orient my life around eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy diet.


I also write music under the alias Aperspection, mainly electronic music. I’ve been doing this since 2010 and have several albums/releases on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other platforms.


This blog’s source code is publicly viewable and contained here on GitHub. I use Hugo to quickly write articles.


I will respond fairly quickly to any messages on these platforms.

Other social platforms

For social outlets that are not on the front page:

Discord server

I also have recently created a Discord server where you can connect with me. Currently it’s more of a sandbox than a populated server - you can join here:


Privacy and data

I do not personally collect any data about you when you visit my site.

However, there are a few entities that may track you in different ways when you visit the site:

  • Cloudflare - All requests go through Cloudflare first; it proxies all connections.
    • I can see basic geographical information about everyone who visits my site through Cloudflare.
    • I cannot (currently to my knowledge) see what pages were visited via Cloudflare.
  • GitHub - This site is hosted using GitHub pages.
    • Microsoft owns GitHub, so if you have any objections to Microsoft seeing that you’re visiting this site, I understand, but ultimately I have decided that hosting with GitHub pages is acceptable for the vast majority of personal privacy/security threat models. You’ll probably be fine.
    • Because all connections are proxied through Cloudflare, Microsoft/GitHub receive information about Cloudflare, but it is likely that Cloudflare may also provide X-Forwarded-For headers that indicate the originating IP address to GitHub, as this is fairly common.
  • Any ad networks that run through this site will be running JavaScript that I do not have control over.
    • I will list out every ad network that runs on this site. I hope you’ll trust my choice in ad networks; I scrutinize them fairly carefully before deciding to go forward with one.
    • While it is very important to me that you see the ads on this site, I understand if you have a serious privacy concern and need to avoid being tracked on the web. I rely on income for this site, so please consider disabling it if an advertising network that I’ve vetted does not violate your privacy threat model.
    • You should assume that arbitrary ad-driven JavaScript can uniquely fingerprint you and feed that data into anywhere; I have not inspected the source code for the ads myself, and even though the ad networks I choose assure me they do not track users, you cannot be 100% certain.
  • Any third-party CDN’s that deliver JavaScript, CSS, or other assets needed in order for your browser to run this site.
    • I don’t believe my site currently leverages any third-party CDN’s, but if that changes, it will likely be a standard CDN such as Amazon CloudFront, JSDelivr, or some other common CDN.

As of writing this article on 2/28/2021, I am not currently promoting anything by means of affiliate programs. This is likely to change, but in general, my personal affiliate policy is as follows:

  • I will generally not push any products I do not believe in. If I do, I will write a clear disclaimer.
  • I generally try to trust a company before I would even purchase something from there myself.
    • I generally will try to apply the same scrutiny to products I recommend, with disclaimers noting any objections I have.

You should assume that any link to any product on my site is an affiliate link. I’ll try and add disclaimers to highlight them where possible.

List of current ad networks

None. I am not currently running any ads on my site.

Former Ad Networks

If you are viewing cached or old versions of webpages, you may see some of these embeds, which I no longer use.

  • ContextCue - ContextCue is a privacy-focused advertising network that allows advertisers and publishers to grow their business with fast, lightweight, contextual ads that don’t track, collect, or store user data
    • This ad network seems like it was written by regular software developers with good intentions, and written for the modern world. Consider removing ContextCue from your ad blocker globally.
    • ContextCue allows me to pick a variety of ad topics. I will pick ads topics according to the article I’m writing, so you may see e.g. finance or computer related topics. This is not you being tracked, this is me curating advertisements according to what I’m writing.
  • AdEx - A display ad network for reduced ad fraud and increased user privacy.
    • This site uses the DAI stablecoin cryptocurrency for payment processing. As a result, you may see crypto-related advertising from time to time. Stay vigilant, and use best judgement when managing cryptocurrencies, as mistakes can get your funds taken away.

Ways to support me directly

Ads are lame, so I removed them from my website. Tipping me directly is much better. Every person who sends me a tip will get a place on my Supporters page - but only if it’s OK with you.

Here are some ways to send me a tip:

GitHub Sponsors 💖

You can sponsor me on GitHub here: https://github.com/sponsors/charles-m-knox

Buy me a coffee! 🥑

Tip via crypto currencies 💰️

Other cryptos: Contact me and ask, I’m happy to oblige.


I participate in the Brave Rewards for Creators program. If you’re using the Brave browser, you should see my site listed as verified.


You can see my OpenCollective profile here. As of writing this (3/15/2021), I do not have any repositories with >100 GitHub stars, so I cannot host any repositories there. As soon as I do, I’ll add them to OpenCollective, and people can make contributions.